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Behind Jim Jarmusch


Written and directed by Léa Rinaldi
Produced by Aléa Films and Focus Feature
Documentary, 52 mn
Released in 2011 

It’s springtime in Sevilla. Léa Rinaldi follows Jim Jarmusch’s deambulations on the set of his new movie The Limits of Control, starring Isaac Bankolé, Bill Murray, Tilda Swinton, John Hurt and Christopher Doyle for lights. This film, along with the film Travelling at night with Jim Jarmusch, is part of a documentary diptych that takes an original, free and offbeat look at the independent auteur cinema – and at the famous filmmaker Jim Jarmusch.


Festivals and prizes


Best Documentary Award : ASVOFF – A Shaded View On Fashion Film, Centre Georges Pompidou

(Paris, FR) – 2014

Logo du Festival Américain des Champs-Élysées

Festival Américain
des Champs-Elysées

(Paris, FR) – 2014

First Look
at Moving Image New York

(New York, US) – 2016

Logo de la Fondation Cartier

“Né dans la rue” exhibition at Fondation Cartier

(Paris, FR) – 2009

Film Festival

(Vienne, AT) – 2015

Logo Festival B.A.F.I.C.I.

Buenos Aires Festival
Independiente de Cine

(AR) – 2015

Gasparilla International
Film Festival

(Tampa, US) – 2015

Logo British Film Institute

Best Documentary Award
Jim Jarmusch and friends”
retrospective at
British Film Institute


(Londres, RU) – 2014

Logo du Festival Do Rio

Festival Do Rio

(Rio de Janeiro, BR) – 2014

Logo de La Gaîté Lyrique

Tanger, Tanger
exhibition at la Gaîté Lyrique

(Paris, FR) – 2014

Logo du Split Film Festival

Split Film Festival

(Split, CR) – 2014

Museum of Art and Design

(New-York, US) – 2011