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Affiche Des Rives


Written by Léa Rinaldi, Nicolas Fleureau and Florence Faure

Des Rives tells the shared destiny of three groups of people, who cross the Mediterranean aboard the same sailboat, Vents Contraires. Niels boards to go find the woman he loves, Marie. Hasfia, the Tunisian girl, hopes to reach Italy, where her brothers have disappeared. Finally, Cassiopée, skipper and owner of the boat, has devoted her entire life to the sea.

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Affiche Domicile Fixe


Written by Léa Rinaldi, Nicolas Fleureau, Thomas Coppey and Amadou Bocoum

Nour, a young undocumented immigrant, wants to live in Paris in order to join a prestigious dance school. By a set of circumstances, she finds herself locked in the loft of a luxurious apartment. Facing financial difficulties, she decides to stay there without the owner’s knowledge. When he is there, Nour hides in the attic. When he is away, she tirelessly repeats her dance moves. It is then only a matter of time before this system finds its flaw.

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