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Pour quelques barres de chocolat

Pour quelques barres de chocolat

Pour quelques barres de chocolat

Written and directed by Vanessa Gauthier
Produced by Aléa Films
Documentary, 52 mn
Broadcasted by France 3
Released in 2017

“I was 7 when it happened. I am one of the 350 million people in the world having this weird and invisible condition…diabetes. At this age, you don’t really understand, but you understand how serious it is when you look at the adults. Back then, I went to a summer camp that was not like the others, to learn and share with other kids. Today, I go back to this place, with 52 children, from 6 to 11 years old, to show their daily life, to try to express and understand the duality of “being” and “being diabetic” they live.” Pour quelques barres de chocolat evokes a loss of recklessness and tells the story of a collective training: it is an initiatory journey.


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