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Written and directed by Léa Rinaldi
Produced by Aléa Films
In co-production with Theta TSU, E-Founders, Air Caraïbes, DV Mobile and PurpleSound
Documentary, 90 mn

Immerse yourself in the universe of one of the most dangerous single-handing crossing of the Atlantic! Come aboard a 6.50 meters long sailboat and live the Mini Transat race from the inside, where only the sea adventurers have access. From port to port, from defeat to victory, this creation documentary Sillages drives the audience in the heart of Ian Lipinski’s odyssey, the most rising star skipper of his generation. After capsizing in 2013, despite a good start, he’s back in 2015 and wins the race. Today, he’s back again, determined to win the new Mini Transat edition of 2017. At sea, alone facing the immensity of the ocean, Ian opens up to the camera. On his boat, between the pains and joys of this talented and unusual navigator, the film reveals the double portrait of a poet and a competitor. Taking the form of a modern diary – using 360° and GoPro cameras – the movie manages to seize the essence of an universal and human quest: living one’s dream. A story to pursue, an experience to live, a dream to realise.

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