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Affiche Le Repaire Des Contraires


Written and directed by Léa Rinaldi

Marwan, 7, Joachim, 10, Saibatou, 10 and Victoria, 15, live in Chanteloup-les-Vignes, an isolated city in the Parisian suburbs known for being the setting of the film La Haine. Coming from very different backgrounds, they’ve met inside the marquee of “La Compagnie des Contraires” (“The Company of the Opposites”) where they gather around a common passion: circus arts and theatre. Recreate social bonds through art is the crazy bet of Neusa Thomasi, director of the company, who, despite the obstacles, has been working for 25 years to create a space of meeting and culture in the city. She accompanies these children from a very young age by taking them out of their neighbourhoods. Following the construction of the new marquee, located at the foot of the city, we discover the journey of these four children who grow up and evolve with it. At the turn of their performances in the concreted setting of the city, the urban landscape becomes a space conducive to the poetry of the moment.

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